Things You Need To Know When Ordering A Skip Bin

So you have some rubbish you want to throw away. Ordering a skip bin is a convenient and easy way to get the job done. Be aware it is not as simple as just picking up the phone. There are certain things the waste disposal company you are calling needs to know to get you the right skip bin for the right price.

The first thing the service provider needs to know is what type of material is going into the bin. Is it household garbage which does not pack well or soiled garden matter which packs extremely well? Is there any hazardous material such as asbestos, which requires special handling? Are there flammables such as solvents or paint? Will there be any special materials that are considered toxic to the people handling the Skip Bins or the environment where they dump the rubbish. All of these things are very important information the company needs to know to avoid a situation where you or they may receive a significant fine.

How much material do you need to dispose of? Is it an entire house, or just Grandpa’s small shed out back? You don’t want to pay for a 16 cubic meter skip bin to clean out the storage closet at the back of the garage. Obviously you need a bigger skip bin for jobs such as replacing old windows in a big warehouse. For many service providers you can simply go to a website like and they will have a button that says ‘click here’ with a link to a questionnaire that will help figure approximately what size bin you need before you even call to order.

The next thing they need to know is how you are going to load it. If you will be using a wheel barrow by hand in that case you will need a skip bin with a hinge door that opens. When you will be loading it by machine from above an open top model is preferred. Some companies even have totally enclosed models to suit your needs.

You will also be asked where it is going. A large skip bin fits easily in a parking lot next to a building you are working on, but if the area it is going is a tight fit then you may want to go with several small bins instead.

Again being prepared for these and similar questions will help the service provider get you the right skip bin for the job. When you get the right tool to do the job properly it seems to make the rest of the job go smoother too.